NVIDIA Game Bundle: Mafia III


Get the standard version of Mafia III with selected MSI Gaming Notebooks


The game redemption starts from 29 Oct 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 or while stocks last. MSI retains the right to make adjustments on sales bundle content without prior notice subject to any directions from a regulatory authority.The available models vary in different countries.

  • Standard redemption submission might take 7 days, verified by MSI staff.

This bundle is available in following countries :

  • APAC: Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia
  • SEA : Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Singapore
  • MEA : South Africa, Israel, Algeria, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
  • America : USA, Canada, Latin America
  • Europe : Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Czech Republic, German, Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine


  • 1. Download Steam, install, and then Sign in your account
  • 2. Select “Game” on the menu, select “Activate a Product on Steam”
  • 3. Follow the process, and insert the Activation code you get.
  • 4. You will find your game at Steam Library game list
  • 5. Download the game, and you are ready to play.

If you experience a technical problem, we kindly ask you to review the Terms and Conditions of this offer before contacting Steam Support to the following address: https://help.steampowered.com/



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