MSI Gamers’ Clinic 2.0

We are inviting you to join us this Saturday, April 30th at Cyberzone SM Mall of Asia for MSI Gamers’ Clinic 2.0.



•  Stamp Rally

  1. Upon registration, you will receive a stamp card.
  2. Visit and experience all the designated stations. Have it stamped by MSI Staff afterwards.
  3. Upon completion, return to the registration booth and pick-a-prize!

Shadow Fiend Last Hit Challenge  – 11am to 3pm

  1. Choose Shadow Fiend as your hero. No item, no skill.
  2. Must have at least 50 creep kills and 50 denies in 10 minutes. 2 players with the highest number of creep kills and denies will be declared as the top 2.
  3. Top 2 players who won will proceed to their 1v1 Shadow Fiend Challenge.
  4. First player to get 2 hero kills or take down the first tower will play against Bianca Yao.

Register on the Shadow Fiend Last Hit Challenge ➡        **FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE**

Meet & Greet

Get a chance to meet and greet these two lovely gamers: Biancake and Frhea

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