MSI – ESGS [Giveaway]

To spice up the hype before ESGS, MSI in partnership with ESGS will be giving away an exclusive DOTA2 DOOM DEMIHERO!ESGS Dota2 Demiherojpg Aside from that, we will also be giving away a total of (40) ESGS tickets for Oct 24 and Oct 25 event in SMX! ESGS Ticket

Contest Rules/Requirements

Step 1: Like us on Facebook

  1. MSI Philippines Click here
  2. MSI Philippines Notebook Click here
  3. ESGS Philippines Click here

Step 2: Introduce your friends to this giveaway by SHARING this to your wall and TELL us “WHY you want to WIN?” add #MSIESGSGiveaway at the end.

(Make sure to SET your post into Public for us to VERIFY your ENTRY)

Ex: I want to win because I want to witness MSI booth in ESGS! #MSIESGSGiveaway”

Step 3:  Register your Entry HERE.

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One Response to MSI – ESGS [Giveaway]

  1. Kaneki Ken says:

    who won the doom item?


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