PX60 Video

Our P-series of notebooks is a very versatile series of machines. While the G-series focuses solely on gaming, and the W-series comprises of mobile workstations, the P-series is aimed at a professional audience that doesn’t necessarily need workstation-grade graphics.
The PX60 is actually fairly similar to the GS60, but is improved with a screen panel calibrated to 100% sRGB, featuring True Color technology. This is so you can edit images and video with sure-fire knowledge that your colors are exactly as they should be. It obviously also helps when watching movies, and for that the PX60 is using the same Dynaudio sound system as its G-series sibling.
The CPUs used are the same – Broadwell and Skylake options are available, Super RAID, USB 3.0 Type-C, and of course NVIDIA Graphics. In this case, the graphics used are a notch below what you would normally find in the GS60, the PX60 uses GeForce GTX 950M and 960M.
Have a look at what you can do with the PX60 below.

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