Good news for gamers and streamer – All new Killer E2400 and Killer Wireless-AC 1535

Good news for gamers and streamer – All new Killer E2400 and Killer Wireless-AC 1535

Killer E2400

After 3 years (or more) well-known reputation in the network market, the Killer Ethernet now has a new family member – Killer Ethernet 2400. It claimed to take intelligence control by all new Advanced Stream Detect 2.0, bring the efficiency of networking to the next level. With the all new Advanced Stream Detect 2.0, Killer 2400 is able to better detect and control network traffic and deliver unparalleled speed and performance to your critical applications and websites. To identify and accelerate specific website traffic in addition to networked applications and games, the Killer E2400 provides additional 2 priority levels for traffic management. The latency has been improved, jitter has been reduced, stream video freeze has been eliminated by new features of Killer E2400. It is said that the newer generation product will provide industry-leading latency performance, beating the competition by up to 50% during single application usage and potentially more than 10x faster when multitasking.

Killer Wireless-AC 1535

The second generation of Killer Wireless-AC has released to the market, known as Killer Wireless-AC 1535, which will redefine the wireless networking experience by delivering stunning speed, increased intelligence, and amazing control. With ExtremeRange technology, it offers two external 5GHz signal amplifiers and introduce full MU-MIMO support, which can improve your performance at longer distance and dramatically increase network efficiency by working with a MU-MIMO enabled access point.

With Full MU-MIMO and Transmit Beamforming support, the ExtremeRange Technology extends intelligence and control with stunning networking speed to higher levels. By automatically classifying and prioritizing critical networking traffic for online gamers, HD video, and High-res audio, the included Advanced Stream Detect technology ensures a smooth and enjoyable gaming and entertainment experience.


Killer Doubleshot Pro

Last year the double shot had been upgraded to pro version, allowing the use of both Killer Ethernet and Killer Wireless at the same time. More usable bandwidth will be provided to users by this combo. The Killer Ethernet could manage 1Gbps of network traffic and the Killer Wireless-AC could handle 867Mbps meanwhile. It allows both of these interfaces to work at the same time and ensures the max throughput as high as 1.867Gbps. The exclusive Advanced Stream Detect technology will automatically classify and prioritize the high priority traffic like online games and high quality audio to be handled by the systems fastest network interface(Ethernet or WIFI). Its capability to hook up to two different broadband networks at the same time is another selling feature. This creates many potential advantages for users to access a second network while they are gaming on the main one. Gaming, downloading, and watching twich channel all at the same time can be worked effectively in unprecedented network speed. The Killer DoubleShot Pro ensures the highest priority traffic will always be put on the fastest and most reliable link.

Advanced Stream Detect 2.0
You might know there is Advanced Stream Detect function together with previous generation products. It offers benefits like downloading large files, enjoy streaming videos, video chatting and doing online game all at the same time but with smooth networking quality. Yes, that’s indeed how it amazes those Killer fans. Advanced Stream Detect identifies all network streams and gives them optimal priority automatically so that everything you do online is running in better speed. Now the Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 version introduces new intelligence capabilities that enable it to detect and accelerate network traffic for specific websites in addition to the applications running on your computer. By prioritizing the network traffic for key websites above lower priority websites and applications, killer allows you to have a more enjoyable and uninterrupted experience. In order to maximize the additional detection capabilities, the Visual Bandwidth Control tool now provides 6 levels of application and website traffic prioritization and ensures users to have full advantages of intelligent network data detection capabilities that Advanced Stream Detect 2.0 featured.

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