VR – Virtual Reality

VR is coming on strong, and with more than a little purpose. While the most well-known VR project so far is Oculus Rift, a lot of other actors on the market are racing to get in on the action as well. No consumer products have really made it onto the consumer market, except maybe Google’s somewhat humble and playful project Cardboard.

2016 seems to be the year when we finally start seeing the VR projects come to fruition and launch in consumer versions. However, with “only” your vision and hearing immersed in virtual space, and having your hands on a keyboard and mouse, for example, will be extremely confusing – as your brain will want to act on what you see as if you were doing it in real life.

To combat this, Valve, running the Vive VR project along with HTC, has created hand-held controllers to let you do just that. In an initial demo, the controllers are actually precise enough to let you do things such as juggling, as you would in real life. Check it out for yourself:


Somewhat ironically, the demo is done in a game titled Job Simulator, but the technology remains impressive. Question is – will VR be the future, or will it become yet another niche market? Only time will tell.

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