Nahimic Sound Effect

Nahimic Sound Effect

No doubt the post-processing sound effect had been very important for gaming field and multimedia experiences. MSI Nahimic sound effect has been introduced into msi gaming series starting from beginning of this year, and so does Prestige series. Initiated from the military industry for more than one decade, and featured in PC products recently, the Nahimic sound technology appeals to the precision of the 3D effect and the quality of internet communication. The main function will be introduced as below:

A)Audio :
By pushing the central button you can switch it on in one click. In terms of the level of Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Reverb, Frequency leveler, Volume Boost, Voice Clarity, we can adjust setting s manually, or simply choose which scenario you wish to have by pressing “Music Mode”, “Gaming Mode” and “Movie Mode”. These three modes are pre-configured for an optimal experience. To return to the original parameters you can reset each profile.

1)Bass Boost : allows total immersion by increasing the bass frequencies.
2)The frequency leveler : maintains a constant level of base and middle register while increasing the travel. So you can hear the slightest details in play.
3)Volume Boost : significantly increases the volume of your game, your movie or your music.
4)Voice clarity : gives a new dimension to the interaction between players. The system detects extracts and intensifies your teammates voices.
5)Reverb : creates a more realistic and special sound perspective
6)Virtual surround : allows you to experience the game at 360 degrees, thanks to 7.1 sound virtualized on your headset or analog speeches.

Here we can find several helpful settings while you use the microphone or headset in Skype, Raidcall or other internet communication. Generally among the sound effect systems in the market, like Dolby or Creative, they don’t offer detailed settings of microphone. Not to mention the background noise removing or noise reduction. According the Nahimic’s company history, believed it’s because its military background, things like jet pilots communicate with command tower while the noisy engine is running, especially requested to land in the right place on the right second. Let’s see how these functions work.

1)Voice leveler : It is an intelligent volume management system for your voice, whether you are near or far from your computer, the voice leveler decreases or increases the volume of your microphone to adapt. The higher the level of the voice leveler, the more constant your voice will be. The lower the level of the voice leveler, the more your voice will fluctuate.
2)Noise gate : It removes all the unwanted noise when you are speaking.
3)Noise reduction : It removes the noise that can disrupt your voice when you are communicating or recording. If you like, you can push the automatic calibration button, then the noise gate and noise reduction are automatically calibrated.

C)HD Audio Recorder :
This function activates the effects of the two previous sections during your streams, runs together with software Gamecaster-Xsplit and it’s exclusive on MSI gaming machine. Some gamers like to upstream their real game play to TWITCH by using Gamecaster, and explain why they manage the vital tactic during the offense process. If the voice isn’t in good quality or not so clear to people who attend the TWITCH channel, it ruins the reputation of the broadcaster. Don’t worry about forgetting to switch it on, everything is automatic. Thanks to this intelligent function you don’t have to worry about your audio tuning, before starting your streaming. Everything is automatic.

Nahimic has put sound enhancement technology that offers virtual surround experience even working through normal headphones and speakers. There is no special hardware needed for its work. In addition, the Nahimic sound technology adopts leveler tuner, including nose control and bass boost. During the internet communication, it enhances voice clarity for users to be heard in better quality. Things that Nahimic bring to us is more than automatic efficiency but real-time process. It performs different sound dimensions instantly. Through the test we experienced, the software claims are justified. The hearing results of “before and after” are dramatic and stunning.

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