MSI Gaming Notebook Reviews

Date Post Company / Name Title Link
18/7/2014 Yugatech MSI GT72 Dominator Pro lands, priced at Php180K
31/10/2014 Yugatech MSI GT72 Dominator Pro officially announced
10/12/2014 Hardwarezone.Com MSI GT72 2QE Dominator Pro: Gaming world domination
16/3/2015 Yugatech MSI GS60 Ghost Now Available
18/2/2015 Yugatech MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Gaming Notebook Review
27/2/2015 FHM MSI GE40 2OL: The ‘Little Things’ That Make This Laptop A True Gaming Gem
23/2/2015 Techie Pinoy MSI GT80 2QE Titan SLI Gaming Notebook with Mechanical Keyboard
10/3/2015 Reimaru Files MSI GS70 Stealth Pro: The Lightweight Powerhouse
3/12/15 Back2Gaming Gaming Desktop Compressed
3/13/15 WW4G MSI GT80 Launches
18/3/2015 Techbeat GT80 Titan SLI: The Beast in Gaming Laptop!
29/3/2015 FHM 6 Reasons Why The MSI GT80 Titan Is A Gamer’s Dream Laptop
18/3/2015 Pinoy Manila MSi GT80 Titan is World’s 1st Gaming Laptop with Mechanical Keyboard
27/3/2015 HungryGeeks MSI Philippines launches GT80 gaming laptop
19/3/2015 IlonggoTechBlog GT80 Titan Unveiled
13/3/2015  Yugatech MSI GT80 Titan hands on First Impressions 
3/12/2015 PinoyScreen Cast GT80 Titan Launch
24/3/2015 Hardwarezone.Com MSI GT80 Over the Top Gaming Notebook
26/3/2015 Bianca Yao GS60 Unboxing
29/4/2015 Fufu MSI GS70 Unboxing part 1
30/4/2015 Fufu MSI GS70 Unboxing part 2
27/4/2015 Fufu MSI GS30 with Gaming Dock UNBOXING
5/6/2015 Fufu MSI GE62 Apache Pro First Impression
5/6/2015 Fufu Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt Game Test on MSI GE62 Apache Pro
2/7/2015 Back2Gaming MSI GE62 Apache Pro Review
2/7/2015 Back2Gaming GT80 Titan SLI Review
7/9/2015 Megabytes GT80 Titan SLI Review
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