Intel 5th Generation Core Performance

Up to 12% performance enhancement of the Intel 5th Generation Core i7 5700HQ on new MSI gaming notebooks.

The main difference from Broadwell CPU architecture and Haswell CPU architecture is the process technology, the 5th Generation Core i7 of Broadwell comes with latest 14nm from wafer manufacturing process, so that will comes with less heat and TDP for notebook CPU platform. The default clock of Core i7 5700HQ is 2.7GHz, and boost up to 3.5GHz when heavy loading calculation. We could take a look on the CPU-Z table.


How is the performance enhancement?

It’s not easy to see the pure performance enhancement of CPU scores, but I still try from different programs to figure out.

Let’s take a look of the 3D Mark 06 pure CPU score, the comparison as below table, 7724 points is 10% faster than 4th Generation Core i7 4720HQ, and if compare with low voltage Core i7 5600UM which is only dual cores of i7, the REAL

QUAD CORE i7 5700HQ is over 2x faster, so that’s why the MSI gaming notebook only use standard version of Core i7 with Quad Core architecture, because Core does matter!


Rendering calculation enhanced 12% on CineBench R15 CPU Multi 64bit

Then we comes to rendering calculation for professional usage, the CineBench SERIES is a great reference of pure CPU score from professional usage of rendering and engineering calculations. Core i7 5700HQ got 722 score, and current Core i7 4720HQ is 642 score, 5700HQ is 12% faster than 4720HQ, we could see it’s real performance boost from architecture enhancement, and it helps a lot on the multi cores calculations.



Since the Code name “Broadwell” of Core i7 5700HQ gaming notebooks just in the market, I think there still have lots of models with 4720HQ or 4710HQ, but 5700HQ will brings real benefits for multi cores calculation or gaming experience, so you could consider this latest powerful platform, the newer the better

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