i7-4600M Overclocking

Overclocking is something we don’t talk about a lot when it comes to mobile gaming systems. We don’t usually encourage it either, but at least you can usually overclock your graphics card via software, and especially in our GT series, there is a little bit of headroom, due to a beefy thermal design.

The regular Core i7 CPUs were never intended for overclocking, yet despite this, Thai overclocker “0.0” has found a way to push a Core i7 4600M CPU to a full 4800MHz in a GE60 notebook, using a bit of creative hacking. This 4800MHz frequency is not only stable enough to run Intel’s XTU Benchmark, but the high frequencies manage to propel it to the top of the worldwide leaderbords for dual-core CPUs – with 602 points.


While 0.0’s chosen method is a modified firmware, this overclocking method is obviously out of reach of most people, but more info on the world’s fastest dual-core CPU in Intel XTU can be found over at HWBOT and 0.0’s result discussion thread.


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