GT72 and Computex upgrades

The GT72 is no newcomer, but as you probably already know, we’ve given it upgradability in the shape of upgradable MXM graphics, swappable SSDs and RAM. That doesn’t mean that we’ll just leave it to see itself out, instead we demonstrated two fairly large new technologies on it at Computex: Tobii eye-tracking and NVIDIA G-Sync.

Our co-operation with Tobii hasn’t resulted in a finalized product just yet, but a prototype – and one that works well at that. Basically, it tracks your eye movement and lets you for example control your in-game movement with your eyes – see Laptop Mag’s article on the technology here:

In addition to this, NVIDIA has launched mobile G-Sync, and we’ve of course implemented this in the GT72. This means you can have tearing-free gameplay on the go for the first time. This is something you’ll be able to find in stores shortly.

Also worth noting is that the GT72 with the new Tobii and NVIDIA tech scored Laptop Magazine’s “Best Laptop of Computex 2015” award, as seen here:


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