GeForce GTX 900M series – specifications

GeForce GTX 900M series – specifications

With the launch of GTX 965M, which will be built into the GE62, NVIDIA has a full lineup of high-end mobile graphics in place. As we exclusively use NVIDIA graphics, we figured we’d take a moment and try to highlight the differences in specs on the GTX 900M series, and also compare it to the new GTX 960 desktop graphics card.

  GTX 960 GTX 965M GTX 970M GTX 980M
CUDA Cores 1024 1024 1280 1536
GPU base freq. (MHz) 1127 944 924 1038
Texture fill rate (GT/s) 72 63.55 79.44 99.6
Memory bus width (bit) 128 128 192 256
Memory frequency (MHz) 7000 5012 5012 5012
Memory bandwidth (GB/s) 112 80 120 160
MSI G-series models N/A GE62 GE62, GT72 GT72, GT80

With these specifications, we can discern that the GTX 965M is not too far off the desktop GTX 960 in terms of theoretical performance, while the GTX 970M is actually better than the mid-range desktop graphics card. The GTX 980M absolutely outclasses it on paper (and in real life as well, we assure you), with its 1536 CUDA cores and 256 bit memory bus. In fact, the GTX 980M comes pretty close to rivaling the desktop GTX 970 – at a fraction of the power consumption.

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