Super RAID 3 performance

Super RAID 3 is MSI’s name for a 4-SSD RAID 0 solution used in the GT72. You may know that traditional mechanical hard drives are going out of fashion like… Uhh, I don’t know fashion, but their only upsides have been storage density as well as price. Until very recently, that is, now SSDs have actually surpassed hard drives in storage density on 2.5” drives. Also, SSD controller manufacturer Phison, claims that SSDs will basically replace traditional hard drives in notebooks as soon as 2015 or 2016. The future, therefore is SSDs.

While we have absolutely no doubt that our Super RAID solution is the ultimate, we want to demonstrate to you exactly how massive the gap is. With the help of benchmarks, obviously, and an unfair one at that. What we did, was find a GE40 with a relic of a mechanical hard drive in it. A 7200 RPM one, so not the slowest we could find – and compared it to the GT72 Dragon Edition and its Super RAID 3 solution of 4 256GB SSDs in Crystal Diskmark. Extreme differences? You bet.

First up the HDD:


A typical hard drive result – easily surpassed by even USB 3.0 memory nowadays. Peaks of just over 60MB in sequential read and nearly grinding to a standstill in the 4K tests.


Super RAID 3 though – it monsters the HDD (and, to be fair, everything else on the market). Not surprisingly, exactly, but with 1.5GB/s (not Gb, GB, Gigabyte) sequential read speed it is what you call fast. Windows 8 loads quickly with one SSD, but with four in RAID0, you’re barely given time to blink.

Best of all, with a 4x256GB SSD, there’s plenty of room for your games on the RAID array, meaning you can always be the first onto the battlefield in games, as your maps will load so much faster than the opposition’s.

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