Elder Scrolls Online on the GE60

We often focus on higher-end material when we present our technical articles, but as Christmas nears, we’re getting a bit lazy. Instead, we produce things like in-game videos of Far Cry 4 on those high-end machines, but we also have Elder Scrolls Online bundled in lots of regions around the world.

ESO runs just fine with quite high settings even on lower spec machines, such as the GE60 with the modest GTX 850M. We had a little game session at the office, averaging over 60 FPS in the Wailing Prison, while hitting way over 30 FPS when we got out of the prison, into the more demanding scenery.


Being an online-only game, we can’t run any benchmarks, but even our lower-end offerings will run ESO without any sign of trouble, in case you are interested in picking up a G series with the free game and 30-day subscription.

Stay tuned for our in-game video of Elder Scrolls Online – we promise it’ll be played as badly as the Far Cry 4 one.

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