Audio Boost 2 – theory and practice

Audio Boost and Audio Boost 2 are just one of many MSI-exclusive features on the G-series notebooks, but most importantly, it’s one of few audio related. Audio Boost 2 enhances your sound experience, whether you’re using a headset or the built-in Dynaudio speakers.

GT72 is currently the only MSI notebook to feature Audio Boost 2 – which is a collective name for the use of triple amplifiers, an isolated audio jack PCB, gold-plated audio jacks and the use of Sound Blaster Cinema 2. The point of this article is to explain to you what this all really is.


Triple amplifiers is a pretty self-explanatory name – it’s got three separate amplifiers. The GT72 with Audio Boost 2 amp is capable of delivering a full 15W to the 1” speakers, another 15W to the built-in 36mm woofer, as well as also utilizing a dedicated headset amplifier.

The isolated audio jack PCB is again what it says. Electrically separated from the rest of the motherboard for signal separation, it comes with gold-plated jacks and is optimized for headsets with 32-48 ohm impedance.

Additionally, the GT72 employs a superior audio codec compared to the competition – with full 7.1 output, the ALC892 beats the likes of ALC668 and ALC282 used by others.

Sound Blaster Cinema 2 is also part of the Audio Boost 2 package, letting you fiddle around with your sound settings for optimum gaming sound. Another software feature is Ear Protection, which lets you set a maximum sound level, to guard your ears against any sudden bursts of loud noises, potentially preventing hearing damage.

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