MSI Beat It! 2013 Tournament Final Reminders

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We would like to ensure every participants to be informed on all the updated rules and mechanics for each tournament.

Tournament Lists:

Day 1

Avatar Star Tournament:    Click here for Mechanics

Assault Fire Pro Tour:         Click here for Mechanics

Day 2

Dragon Nest Tournament:   Click here for Mechanics

Mercenary Online P3L:        Click here for Mechanics

DOTA 2 Tournament:          Click here for Mechanics

STARCRAFT 2 HOTS:          Click here for Mechanics

CS:GO Invitational:              Click here for Mechanics

COSPLAY RELOADED:        Click here for Mechanics

Just below, however, is the list of guidelines that you have to follow during the MSI beat It! 2013:Overdrive Reloaded Tournaments. All participants must observe them with strict compliance.


 3 Important Guidelines READ!

1. Be on time

Check-in of registrants opens on 10:00 AM.

Players may start checking in to have their slots in the tournament.

2. Proper Attire 

Attire: Players must observe proper decorum and wear jeans/pants & closed shoes. Strictly no shorts, sandos and slippers.

3. 5-minute rule

In between rounds, teams are given a 5-minute grace period. Teams that delay the event by going beyond this rule will be immediately disqualified.

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