MSI Beat It! 3rd Person Shooter League Grand Finals

MSI Beat It!  3rd Person Shooter League Grand Finals



Champion: PHP 50,000.00

plus SteelSeries 3HD mousepads x 5


1st Runner-up: PHP 15,000.00

2nd Runner-up: PHP 5,000.00



Sixteen (16) P3L Champions from June to August 24, 2013 will qualify.

Check-in time: 11AM to 12NN, August 31, 2013 (Saturday)


Tournament Format: 8 teams (5v5 format)

Group Stage: Top 2 from each bracket will advance to playoffs

Playoffs Format: Double eliminations

Finals: Best of 3



Game Mode: Demolition Mode

Maps: Dust 1
Room Settings:

  • Mode: Head-to-head (PVP)
  • Channel: MSI
  • Room Name: Tournament Event Room
  • No. of players: 5 players per team
  • Password Protected
  • Open to all level
  • Friendly Fire: No
  • 7 wins


Tournament mechanics:

1. Bracket system will be implemented.

2. All team leaders will pick a random number to determine the team match up list.

3. All teams will be given 10 minutes to prepare their respective accounts.
4. All teams will compete in a single elimination match.
5. The 1st Team to reach seven (7) wins will win the match.
6. Team who have defeated all the opposing teams will win the tournament.

a) A player should only use the account he registered. Using unregistered accounts will result to a player’s disqualification.
b) A player caught using 3PP programs or abusing known glitch will automatically be disqualified as well as his team mates. The character of the culprit in Mercenary Online PH will also be banned as part of our game policy.


* A team can only win once for the entire event.

* Travel and accommodation expenses for provincial teams.

Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

1. Any sign of cheating may result in the forfeiture of the game leading to disqualification from the event.

2. In the case of a computer / monitor / server malfunction, the game may be restarted from the beginning, with the approval of the game marshal.

3. If a team fails to report to their assigned station within grace period upon the match’s announcement (15 minutes), they will forfeit the match.

4.  In the event of a situation not covered by the aforementioned rules, tournament organizers will convene and make a decision on the issue, in keeping with the spirit of a just tournament and in the interest of fairness.


1. Players may provide their own mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad.

2. Players may not use a wireless headset or a headset that requires an outlet power.

3. Mice and keyboards must utilize standard USB interfaces. Players may not use PS2 interface equipment.

4. Players must not use 3rd party add-ons.

5. Players may not have applications, browsers, or steams open other than the Mercenary Online launcher or application and any necessary drivers.

Attire: Players must observe proper decorum and wear jeans/pants & closed shoes. Strictly no shorts, sandos and slippers.

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